Consulting in the field of Big Data and Smart Data:

KILA Systems has developed a very strong expertise in the field of Big Data and Smart Data. If your organization is considering to launch a Big Data program, and is looking for advanced expertise in that field, you will find it at KILA Systems.

KILA fully understand the “state of the art” of different technologies in this field, and can help you in particular in the following domains:

Technical expertise:

  • Data source analysis: KILA can undertake to make an inventory of your data, clean it, and structure it to make it ready and efficient for Big Data and Smart Data applications.
  • Choice of underlying technologies (especially No SQL Databases and other data repository and access technologies): KILA can help you choose the technologies that you will need to exploit your Big Data within your system, or within the cloud. These choices are key and technologies need to be adapted to technical constraints of application that will run on the Big Data architecture.
  • Architecture to manage Big Data in the cloud.

Management consulting:

  • Definition of business objectives of the big data project
  • Definition of uses cases for your business
  • Program management of the Big Data project

KILA Solution Professional Services:

KilaSystems delivers a solution ready-to-operate by marketing teams, and is very easy to use. It has been designed to be used and operated by marketing teams and does not require any data mining complex knowledge or data analysts within your company to operate.

The simplicity and usability of the KILA solution guarantee a positive response from your staff and a quick start by users regardless of their level of computer literacy.
KILA Systems offers site training or remote training that fits each type of users.

To answer all your expectations and contribute to your success, we offer several types of professional service:

  • Pre-projects analysis (definition of business goals, selection and understanding of data from a variety of sources, data relevance analysis, support in defining different models fitting your business goals, creation of different predictive models and testing of efficiency of such models on your network data, deployment and monitoring of the efficiency of such models),
  • Post-project support, training and user support, 
  • A specific and customized post-project support to upgrade your KILA solution, 
  • User training by themes (business processes, advanced features of the tool…).