"Understand who your users are and how they behave and engage!"

User base knowledge and segmentation

Behavior analysis and segmentation 
KILA performs a smart codification and analysis of each user behavior. It then performs an automatic and dynamic, behavior based segmentation of users. This segmentation captures the way users behave (within services and multi-screens) and their tastes, at each time of the day. It also explains what differentiates a segment of users from others. This result is then available within the “marketing models” and engagement measurement suites to provide a smarter information on users.

Demographics prediction
KILA predicts, at each time of the day, the demographics of users that connect to the service (age, gender, profession and more). By comparing the behavior of users with a small known sample, KILA details the demographics on unknown (undeclared) users with an outstanding precision. These informations are also available within the “marketing model” and “engagement measurement” suites.

Marketing Models based on exhaustive user behavior reality

Marketing Models:
The behavior segmentations and demographics uncovered by KILA can be combined between them (and with other criteria) to create operational Marketing Models (a more detailed user segmentation). When a new marketing model is created within the system, KILA recalculates user membership of that model. The new marketing model becomes available within the system for more specific or advanced used.

Use of Marketing Models:
Many Marketing models can be created as you wish to create several ways to address your users or understand their needs. For instance, a marketing model can be attached to a specific service, device type, geographical place, or a specific KILA application (advertising, screen customization, …). It can also be attached to any combination of them. Marketing models are available within the “engagement measurement suite”.


"The most advanced analytics solution available, empowered with behavior analysis and predictions!"


Open Analytics suite, and user engagement

Capabilities and results above are available within a full Analytics suites provided by KILA. This suite enables to measure exactly how users engage with services. You will be able to measure exactly and exhaustively what user have consumed, watched, tried, and more. Furthermore, this engagement can be made for each segment or other criteria calculated by KILA, providing access to a deeper and smarter data. For instance, the measurement can be obtained for any combination of the following criteria:

  • Behavior segments, demographics segments, and marketing model segments
  • Devices, Services, geographical location,…

KILA Analytics is open and enables you to build any indicator you want (for instance: engagement path and rebound rates, multiscreen consumption patterns, …).


Real time User segment membership

For each behavior, demographics, or Marketing model segment, KILA calculates dynamically, at each time of the day, the membership of each user to these segments. This opens the way to multiples operational uses of the system as detailed in the other solution sections of this information site.