Shape your business for the entertainment paradigm shift !

TV and video entertainment face a paradigm modification. Two different paradigms look to be opposed today, with little bridges between them, and little bridges between user experiences.

  • The Mass TV paradigm, where the editorial line is the key value brought to viewers
  • The User centric entertainment where the personalization is the key value brought to users

In fact, players of these two paradigms can both benefit from a customization of their service for their audience. Such customization will take different formats.

For Editors: Maintaining the value of the Editorial line means being visible, differentiated and adapted to different kinds of viewers within the services of their chosen distributors, while keeping the cost of such personalization reasonable.

For OTT, IPTV, and TV Operators (Aggregators): Knowing their customer based will help them to propose the right service to the right person, at the right time, on the right screen. Service customization will raise the service stickiness and user loyalty.

KILA System is an engine to operate such customization. Using the knowledge brought by KILA about users, you can then build different segments of users, and customize your service to each single profile of users. At each time of the day, and for each user that connects to the service, KILA provides the user membership profile within the marketing model that you have defined with the system. Furthermore, KILA brings an explanation of user tastes of each Marketing segment, helping to define and customize the service for such audience. For instance, personalized services can be:

  • Personalized proposal of content within an On Demand store
  • Personalized categories within a service depending on the time of the day
  • Automatically Re-linearized TV proposals which become new customized TV services build at a very low cost.
  • Services customized depending on the device and user
  • … and more

Business rules are built to adapt the level of customization, the level of automation, and the Editorial control that you want to manage.
Results are provided through a “RESTful” interface which is easy to connect with existing systems of the service provider (TV Channels, TV and OTT Operators).

All customization results and efficiency are strictly measured. User engagement is provided through the “User Insight suite”. The efficiency of the customization is measured through A/B Testing and against the predictions made in the “Content suite”.