Optimize your content sourcing and market it finely for viewers !

Content testing
KILA provides testing functionality for a content, or content package that you envisage to propose to your users. Enter the definition of such content within the machine (price, mix, caracteristics), and KILA will provide a prediction of the success of such proposal for each segment / profile of users. Such testing information is provided as a relative success rate as compared with the global offering available to the user at that time.

Content optimization
As KILA provides information about what users like (for each profile/segment of them), you will be in a position to optimize content sourcing and program planning, while raising the satisfaction of users with the service.

Content lifecycle marketing
For a given content proposal, KILA will define the most appropriate user target, that should normally be very interested by such proposal. The System allows to measure real intake against such target, enabling precise re-targeting to those users that are interested, but may not have had the opportunity to watch.